Level One Courses

Aimed at owners & potential owners wanting to learn more about the vehicle they drive and how to look after it.




Workshop objective:

To give you the knowledge and confidence to successfully look after your aircooled vehicle.

Workshop Contents:


  • How an air-cooled engine works

  • How to get the best out of your engine

  • What can go wrong and how to prevent them from happening

  • Key things you need to know about an MOT

  • Key things on keeping you, your passengers safe.

After Lunch (Hands On)

  • How to maintain your aircooled vehicle

  • Adjusting points, timing and valve clearances

  • Changing Oil & Strainer

  • Changing Spark Plugs

  • Changing the fan belt

Carrying spares to help breakdown services getting you back home safely

Further reading and learning more

Course Cost: £144 per person

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